Men's & Women's Fashion Belt Buckles Clothing accessories!

Men's & Women's Fashion Belt Buckles Clothing accessories!

Wide Belts - Large Buckles Fashion Trends 2022...

Wide Belts - Large Buckles Fashion Trends 2022...

Belt Buckles Can Enhance Up Your Fashion Look,

Wide belts and buckles have been gaining more and more followers to this decorative clothing element.

Cool Belt Buckles trends for men and women in 2022 fashion. If you’re one of those who loves belts and buckles you’ll love the unisex Belts Buckles trends for 2022. Wide Belts and large Buckles were highlighted on the world' fashion runways 2021/2022 fashion trend.

Large belt buckles are used as a decorative accessory, a trick to sharpen someone's classy silhouette appearance.

Some of the Cool belt Buckles models that will enhance Your fashion look in 2022.

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Cougar - Leopard - Zebra - Animal Print Pattern - Europe Trend 2020 - 2021!

Cougar - Leopard - Zebra - Animal Print Pattern - Europe Trend 2020 - 2021!

European  Animal Print Fashion Trend - Reaching North American Markets Soon (Mark My Word) ...

Animal print trend is going wild, as Europe's (2020 - 21) biggest runway fashion trends. Leopard and cougar print was extra ostentatious and will rock the massive World Fashion Market. Everyone is wearing animal print clothing accessories, covered in this tiny animal print, you'll see sparkly mini dresses also covered with tiger stripes, leopard print and even coats.
The leopard print felling celebratory this covid-19 year end and next year, scarves, hats, gloves, belts buckles, all cinched with animal print. Even extra-flowy satin dresses with all kinds of sleeves and necklines giving us disco-meets-red carpet vibes.


 Leopard and Couger may have ruled so far, but for the fall/winter 2020/21 print trends, zebra is working to edge it out a bit!

If you live for the black on white, you will surely love what was presented. The animal print was all-encompassing, with a zebra print fabric used to make a long-sleeved, high-necked dress and a long skirt. We’ve mentioned the tiger print in Europe Fashion 2020, but zebra was actually more ubiquitous! It showed up all throughout the European cities, streets, airports, train stations, primarily everywhere you look around as black stripes over gray garments, clothing accessories, belts buckles, gloves, scarves, coating suits, coats, jackets, and dresses.

 Animal Print Scarves Shawls Fashion Trend 


 Clothing Accessories - Animal Print Belt Buckles
 Cougar Animal Print Gloves

Wide Belts & Buckles has been steady returning during 2020 fashion collections!

Wide Belts & Buckles has been steady returning during 2020 fashion collections!
As the return of skinny sunglasses showed up, no defunct trend is safe from resurrection, but the return of wide belts & buckles has been stealthy during fall 2019 collections.
I understand that fashion is cyclical, but if we do not study history it is doomed to repeat itself... 
Let's briefly revisit the 2000's' obsession with the big belt buckles fashion styles!
"Cinch your waist with a wide Belt & Buckle," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. "Why// thank you," may I say. 
Maybe it's just a phenomenon, but these thick belts & buckles are everywhere. From high-end designers to high street brands, retailers are compelling us to participate in the this second coming of the wide Belts Buckles. 
The issue with the wide belt buckle accessory is that it begs the question, Are you wearing the belt & buckle or is it wearing you? After all, it's too big of a buckle for belt loops and can easily constrict your torso into a black hole.
The end result is you're looking more Leggy than the usual hourglass look.
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The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!

It was because of their strong association with military equipment, Belt Buckles were primarily a masculine ornament well into the 19th century. 
Belt Buckles became more popular as fashion accessories in the early 20th century, as the tops of trousers moved more toward the waist.  
"Western-style" Belt Buckles were largely popularized by cowboy movies in the United States.
Clothing - The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!
Cool Belt Buckles are often awarded to winners in rodeo events as a prize medal or trophies, a custom later adopted by the Western United States.
Buckle - The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!
The large, flat surface of the western-style Belt Buckles make them a popular rhinestone ornament or style of jewelry.
Buckle - The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!
Decorative "Western Belt Buckle sets" may also contain a horses, bulls, longhorns, eagles, guns, wild animals and some rhinestone ornaments. 
Symbol - The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!
The hip hop Belt Buckles, these are very popular among baby boomers and our tribal youth, these Cool Belt Buckles may contain music instruments, sports teams, biker motorcycles, skulls, skeletons, flowers, name initials, funny sayings, pets, dogs and cats. 
Bronze - The “BELT BUCKLE” Rise in Popularity!
Then there are the Work Profession Belt Buckles, these Cool Belt Buckles may contain firefighters, policemen, masons, doctors, electricians, tow truckers, ambulances, emergency responders. 
Here you can find most of the popular Trade Professions in the world, these can be found in our vast Trades & Professions Belt Buckle selection 
 Sometimes are also awarded to scouts for participation in or completion of activities. 
Other "Belt Buckle Plates" may be decorative covers for a plain Buckle or other decorative fittings affixed to the Belt itself, similar to "Conchos" (from a Spanish word for "shell"). 
Like I always say:  Consider stepping a bit out of the comfort zone and commence by owning a few unique flamboyant Cool Belt Buckles and Belts that go with your dressing style. 
Generally speaking, we should all own at least as many Belt Buckles & Belts, as pairs of shoes that can easily be mixed and rotated through. 
  • In fact, I recommend that when you buy a new pair of Shoes, you should always buy a Belt Buckle and Belt to match that pair of shoes. 
For Cool Belt Buckles please visit https://www.CoolBuckles.Biz 
Thank You All: Mark Martins 

How to Choose a Belt Buckle

How to Choose a Belt Buckle
Men's and Women's Belt Buckle Fashion!Vehicle - How to Choose a Belt Buckle

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