Cougar - Leopard - Zebra - Animal Print - European Trend!

Cougar - Leopard - Zebra - Animal Print Pattern - Europe Trend 2020 - 2021!

Cougar - Leopard - Zebra - Animal Print Pattern - Europe Trend 2020 - 2021!

European  Animal Print Fashion Trend - Reaching North American Markets Soon (Mark My Word) ...

Animal print trend is going wild, as Europe's (2020 - 21) biggest runway fashion trends. Leopard and cougar print was extra ostentatious and will rock the massive World Fashion Market. Everyone is wearing animal print clothing accessories, covered in this tiny animal print, you'll see sparkly mini dresses also covered with tiger stripes, leopard print and even coats.
The leopard print felling celebratory this covid-19 year end and next year, scarves, hats, gloves, belts buckles, all cinched with animal print. Even extra-flowy satin dresses with all kinds of sleeves and necklines giving us disco-meets-red carpet vibes.


 Leopard and Couger may have ruled so far, but for the fall/winter 2020/21 print trends, zebra is working to edge it out a bit!

If you live for the black on white, you will surely love what was presented. The animal print was all-encompassing, with a zebra print fabric used to make a long-sleeved, high-necked dress and a long skirt. We’ve mentioned the tiger print in Europe Fashion 2020, but zebra was actually more ubiquitous! It showed up all throughout the European cities, streets, airports, train stations, primarily everywhere you look around as black stripes over gray garments, clothing accessories, belts buckles, gloves, scarves, coating suits, coats, jackets, and dresses.

 Animal Print Scarves Shawls Fashion Trend 


 Clothing Accessories - Animal Print Belt Buckles
 Cougar Animal Print Gloves
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